Noise and Vibration - Ill: Conoco Phillips

Noise and Vibration – Offshore

Multiconsult has been engaged in the design and building of the Ekofisk L platform at SMOE, with full time presence from 2010 to 2013. The project was designed to the exacting requirements of the NORSOK standards. The work has included complete responsibility for the noise and vibration issues throughout the process, including design verification testing, which is taking place in spring, 2013. Multiconsult specialist engineers have been fully integrated, through SMOE partner Markhus Asia, in the SMOE organization. The work also included a fruitful and smooth cooperation with the design team of the platform owner, ConocoPhillips Norway.

Multiconsult is currently engaged in similar NORSOK-related work at the DSME yard in Okpo, Korea. In this case, Multiconsult is engaged by the platform owner, Songa Offshore, to control and oversee the noise and vibration engineering of the yard specialists, and to assure the preparation of adequate noise control documentation, as demanded by the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority. As in the SMOE project, Multiconsult engineers are integrated in the project engineering organization.

Multiconsult has been performing noise and vibration analyses for offshore structures for over 20 years. The services include preparation of documentation needed by the Norwegian Petroleum Safety Authority (PSA), using the NORSOK standards. This includes noise reports prepared after basic design and final design and a noise survey report after construction completion.

Multiconsult participates in the engineering process as part of the design team, taking responsibility for the practical design and implementation of noise and vibration reduction measures, thus accompanying the design and construction process for builder or owner. Multiconsult also provides assistance on special projects to leading companies such as Statoil, BP, Aker Solutions and Det Norske Veritas. Besides noise and vibration control, services also include acoustic design of Public Address/General Alarm systems.



  • Offshore platforms
  • Barges and ships
  • Other production facilties


Project phases:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Basic engineering
  • Detailed engineering
  • Construction phase follow-up
  • Commissioning and verification studies
  • Special project problem solving
  • Modification projects

  • Acoustical engineering
  • Mechanical engineering
  • Civil engineering
  • Project management
  • Cooperation in cross-disciplinary work

  • Project reviews
  • Establishment of noise and vibration area limits
  • Studies to NORSOK and IMO limits of airborne and structure borne noise levels
  • Full modeling of platforms possible for noise levels and PA system verification
  • Specification of noise reducing measures
  • Integration in project team for yard or owner
  • Measurements for problem solving and verification
  • Preparation of NORSOK documentation

Key refereces:

  • Midgard
  • Ekofisk 2/4 L
  • Eldfisk 2/7 S
  • Gjøa Living Quarter Haven
  • Troll A
  • Troll C
  • Oseberg
  • Snorre
  • Kvitebjoern