About STM

STM is a cooperative entity established jointly by SINTEF, TRITECH and MULTICONSULT in 2006 for providing the state-of-the-art underground technology in Singapore

STM is a cooperative entity established in 2006 for providing state-of-the-art underground technology in Singapore. STM offers knowledge-based consulting, design and research services in the areas of Rock and Geotechnical Engineering, Underground Space Development, Clean Underground water treatment & water storage, Clean Underground Energy, Transportation and Infrastructure, Building and Property, Energy and Oil & Gas.

For the JRC (Jurong Rock Cavern) project STM has undertaken planning and implementation of the site investigation, review and approval of the basic design, technical advisor to the client. STM has been and will continue to be the project manager on behalf of the owner JTC until the end of Phase1 at 2014.

STM performed a general study of possibility of using underground space in Singapore, which was followed by a so-called URC project (Usage of Rock Cavern). In this project study is carried out to look into the feasibility of using underground rock caverns for 10 pre-specified usages. The outcome of the study has laid a sound basis for further development of individual type of rock caverns.

  • Sintef is the largest research organization in Scandinavia. For more, see http://www.sintef.no/home/
  • Tritech Consultants Pte Ltd  is a stock exchange listed company in Singapore, specialized in civil, geotechnical and rock engineering in Singapore.
    Part of Tritech Group Ltd. For more, see http://www.tritech.com.sg/consultants/ and http://www.tritech.com.sg/.
  • Multiconsult AS is one of the leading firms of consulting engineers and designers in Norway and Scandinavia, offering multidisciplinary consulting and engineering services to public and private clients nationwide and overseas. Multiconsult AS operates within six main areas of business: Buildings & Properties, Industry, Oil & Gas, Transportation & Infrastructure, Energy, and Environment & Resources.. For more information please visit our web-site:  http://www.multiconsultgroup.com