Ormen Lange

Ormen Lange is the second largest gas field and the largest industrial project ever realized in Norway. Multiconsult has been involved in development of the onshore gas plant for the Ormen Lange project since 2003 through 3 large multidiscipline contracts directly for Hydro for the main civil contract, for Aker Kværner for the main installation contract and for Aker Stord for the gas reception area. Our work has covered the civil and related areas with responsibility to develop, design and engineer all civil and infrastructure for the onshore plant. The work has comprised basic, detail and follow-on engineering and site supervision assistance.

Engineering services

  • Roads and infrastructure
  • Site preparation and landfall
  • Caverns and tunnels
  • Product jetty for condensate gas
  • Construction jetty and small boat harbour
  • Administration complex, site camp and construction offices
  • Steel buildings for process and utilities
  • Sub stations and electrical buildings
  • Seawater in- and outlet incl. weir box
  • Foundations for compressors, slug catcher, PAR’s and PAU’s
  • Underground piping and facilities
  • High voltage facilities

  • Area planning and landscaping
  • Architecture
  • Steel and concrete structures
  • Harbours and water works
  • Geotechnics and geology
  • Roads and traffic planning
  • Electro, HVAC and water/sewage
  • HSE and environmental eng
  • Fire and safety
  • Acoustics, noise and vibrations
Other services

  • Bid preparation
  • Tender evaluation
  • Authority approval
  • Site investigations on land and in sea
  • Civil contracts and site supervision